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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
3/3/1978 Shaliwahan Shaka Hindu Calender started.
3/3/1978 A battle was fought at Turkra or Turkra Qasba (in the Balasore district) in which the Afghans were routed.
3/3/1700 Chhatrapati Rajaram Maharaj died of lung infection due to smallpox at Sinhagad fort.
3/3/1707 Shehejade Muajjam declared himself as the successor of Aurangzeb and renamed himself Bahadurshah First.
3/3/1839 Jamshedji Nasarvanji Tata, famous industrialist and father of modern technology, was born at Navsari near Surat, Gujarat. He started cotton mills in Bombay and Nagpur and founded the Tata Iron and Steel Company, which is one of the largest integrated steel mills in the world.
3/3/1847 Alexander Graham Bell, great pioneer, inventor and professor, was born at Edinburgh, Scotland.
3/3/1859 A length of 119 miles of line was laid in the North from Allahabad to Kanpur.
3/3/1871 Congress changes Indian tribes status from independent to dependent.
3/3/1885 Congress passes Indian Appropriations Act (Indians wards of fed govt).
3/3/1891 Office of Superintendent of Immigration (Treasury Dept) created.
3/3/1906 Krishnarao Shiva Shelvankar, journalist and diplomat, was born.
3/3/1906 Trailokyanath Goswami, famous Hindi writer and educationist, was born at Nalbari, Assam .
3/3/1919 Hari Narayan Apte, famous Marathi novelist, passed away.
3/3/1921 Ahmed Gulsher, freedom fighter and politician, was born at Satna (M.P).
3/3/1924 Mustafa Kamal Attaturk abolished the caliphate and established a nationalist government and thus Khilafat Movement ended without achieving its aim.
3/3/1930 Untouchable people fought to enter the temple of 'Kala Rama' at Nasik.
3/3/1931 Gandhi and Viceroy Irwin sign Delhi Pact giving Indians right to make salt if civil disobedience stops.
3/3/1934 Amarsingh Pandurang Rane, educationist, was born at Banage, Kolhapur.
3/3/1939 Gandhiji commences ""fast unto death"" at Rajkot to protest state's autocratic rule at Bombay and to secure ruler's adherence of promise given towards reform administration, and ends it on March 7 on Viceroy's intervention.
3/3/1939 Motganhalli Laxmanarsu Jaisi alais Jaisimha, cricketer (Indian batsman of the sixties), was born in Secundrabad.
3/3/1943 Gandhi breaks his hunger strike after 21 days.
3/3/1948 B. S. Munje, founder of Bhosla Military School, passed away.
3/3/1952 The Indian National Congress secured absolute majority in the Lok Sabha in the General elections.
3/3/1967 India signed the International Space Treaty in Moscow.
3/3/1978 Origin of Saka Era (India).
3/3/1982 Firaq Gorakhpuri ""Raghupati Sahay"", great writer, nationalist and who revolutionised Urdu poetry, died.
3/3/1983 Seventh Non-Aligned Summit started at New Delhi.
3/3/1989 Gwal Pahari in Haryana switched on the solar energy centre of the first pilot 50 kilowatt solar power plant.
3/3/1990 JD-BJP coalition government in Gujarat, Chimanbhai Patel to become CM; Sharad Pawar in Maharashtra and Bhairon Singh Shekhewat of BJP to head the BJP-JD coalition government in Rajasthan.
3/3/1993 Sharad Pawar nominated CM of Maharashtra.
3/3/1996 Haryana govt. bans liquor vends and bars in rural areas.
3/3/1997 Indian Socialist Party headed by Arangil Sridharan merges with Lok Sakthi. It was floated by Ramakrishna Hedge.
3/3/1997 Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman, arrives in New Delhi.
3/3/1997 Senior Officials Meeting of Indian Ocean Rim (IOR) countries begins in Mauritius.
3/3/1999 Four members of the forward Bhumihar community and alleged members of the Ranbir Sena are gunned down by an armed squad of the People's War Group in Bhimpura village of Jehanbad district in Bihar.
3/3/2000 Nitish Kumar, Samata Party leader, sworn in Bihar Chief Minister. Governor V.C. Pande's decision evokes widespread criticism.


Other Historical Dates and Events
4/7/1938Kashiram Chhabildas Rana was born in Surat (Gujarat).
7/23/1918Saraswati Devi (Smt) Illindala, great Hindi writer, journalist and social worker, was born at Narsapur, Andhra Pradesh.
2/8/1948Indian govt. bans Muslim groups 'Khaksars' and 'League National Guard'.
8/4/1929Kishor Kumar Ganguly, well known singer, was born at Khandava. He is also rememberd as a comic actor, director and musician.
12/3/1971Hostilities broke out between India and Pakistan. On the very night that hostilities commenced, with Pakistan bombing several air fields, IN Ships 'Rajput' and 'Akshay' were leaving Vishakapatnam harbour when they obtained a sonar contact. They fired several depth charges and proceeded on their mission when there was no further evidence of a submarine's presence. Thereafter, a loud explosion of rattling windows panes off the Vishakapatnam beach was heard . The Pakistani submarine 'Ghazi' (a Tench class submarine obtained from the USA in 1964) had come to grief.
10/22/1929Air Mail Series Stamps were issued. These stamps were of denominations of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 annas.
5/15/1878Sivnath Shastri and Ananda Mohan Bose, under the leadership of the younger group of Brahmo Sama, rebelled and started Sadharan Brahmo Samaj.
1/8/1956Tryambak Sitaram Karkhanis, founder of 'Maharashtra Drama Group' (Maharashtra Natak Mandali), died.
3/5/1992Sunder, comedy actor, passed away.
3/5/1992Ruknud-din Firuz Shah, son of Emperor Iltutmish, was assassinated.